Managing Corporate Risk

At Vassiliou Insurance Agents & Consultants we specialise in the correct evaluation of the risks that threaten your company, through the RSP plan, which constitutes part of a greater danger management plan that is called “No Surprises Strategy.”

Our aim is to assess every possible hazard of a risk, its effect and the level of sustainability of the company, in order to ensure that it will continue operating uninterrupted throughout its business control.

Only 3 steps are needed

We make sure that there is bearable cost and high return through COST CONTROL.

We manage the contracts and correctly assess the coverage they include, through a scientific study.

We assess the omissions that exist and should probably be added.

Before the coverage is agreed upon, we spot, assess and place the potential dangers that are a threat to the business and exceed the company’s tolerance point in hierarchical order

To achieve the aforementioned

I will be aware of the coverage to raise claims.

The terms will be clear.

There will be a match among the insurance needs and coverage.

The coverage and insurance premiums will be updated according to market conditions.

My contracts will protect me financially rather than I covering them with my finances!

Your corporate liquidity in emergency funds increases!Damage is restored immediately to the accomplishment of the business’s Goals.