Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)

MDRT is the premier Association of Financial Professionals. It is a prerequisite for the members of the independent and global association to illustrate excellent professional expertise, a strong work ethic and outstanding customer service. The members of MDRT are recognised worldwide as the epitome of excellence in Life Insurance and Financial Business services. It is for these reasons that we are proud to have the Managing Director of our company being a lifelong member of MDRT, which is an affirmation of his professionalism.

Think… Is the advice you are taking worth a million dollars?

The person who is advising you can be just as important as the advice itself. Make sure that your consultant is a member of the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table), whose members offer their clients financial advice on three of the most complex matters:

  • Living beyond their assets
  • Dying with insufficient assets
  • Becoming disabled and having exhausted their assets

The members of MDRT serve their clients with an exemplary manner and at the highest level of ethics and professional expertise. They are without a doubt at the forefront of the trends of the field since the organisation is the prime step toward exchanging ideas regarding sales and techniques among industry professionals. Members are also exposed to an international network of 25.000 professionals. 

MDRT was founded in 1927 and has set the standards of professionalism ever since. The associations commitments to excellence constitutes a motive for its members, which enables them to reach their full potential, while it reaffirms, at the same time, the service that you and your family deserve.

Your constant search for your own MDRT representative relating to your professional and personal development reflects the service that you receive. MDRT members are renowned in the financial services industry and exceed the contribution of other consultants.

With time, family by family, one business after another… Your MDRT representatives devote themselves to your service.